Totokan Baby Talk

  • How Do I Choose the Right Car Seat for My Baby?

    As a first time parent you are given advice on baby safety from day one, however nothing is more important than choosing the right car seat AND installing it correctly. The best way to insure that your seat is properly secured is to ask the retailer you bought it from.  Often these installments are free of charge, trained car seat specialists are well versed in how each brand is different and the areas that you should really watch out for.  Remember to take notes; don’t rely on someone doing the work as you will most likely find yourself uninstalling the seats to fish out months old crackers and goo later on. 


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  • A New Way to Use Your Baby Monitor- Take it on the Go!

    I always talked about how great it would be to have a camera hooked to the car head rest that would stream live images straight to our smart phones.  You see, two little rear facing tikes in the back of the car were impossible to check up on.  Those back seat mirrors just weren’t good enough- I wanted the ability to zoom in, did she spit up? How is her neck?.  You should have seen some of the crazy Yoga moves I did just to check on those two munchkins in their rear facing car seats (while dad was driving...

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