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Designed for flexible usage and on-the-go parents, Totokan is a portable and water-resistant baby monitor with over 4 hours of battery life when unplugged.    The image of your child is streamed directly to your smart phone.  The convenience of this product allows this monitor to go where you go, whether it is a long road trip, a toddler play date at a friend’s house (with the sprinklers on!), or a quick nap at the grandparents. 

The ultimate goal was for Totokan’s design to be easily portable and effortless for any parent to manage.

Our 2 minute set-up keeps registration a simple process; no extra wires, bases, CD-roms or plug-ins needed.  Once linked to your WiFi, parents are not only able to check in on their children from virtually anywhere in the world, but also talk back!

Best of all, you are able to record any precious memories that the monitor picks up.  Using our app you can take picture and video recordings and instantly share these images online with your loved ones.