Features + Uses

HD 1080p images streamed to your smartphone

A true high definition experience.  We are providing a full-HD 1920x1080 monitor with a 6x digital zoom and wide angle lens.
Depending on your internet connection and speed, users have the option to adjust to a lower resolution to maintain consistent streaming quality.

Streams with internet and offline (range of 100 yards outdoors and 20 yards indoors)

Access your monitor feed virtually anywhere in the world while Totokan is linked to a Wi-Fi environment, but don’t you just hate it when there’s no Wi-Fi around? We do too, that’s why our baby monitor can stream directly to your phone, without internet access.

With a local connection, we have a range of 100 yards outdoors and up to 20 yards indoors. This means you can use it in the car, on vacation, at grandmas, in the backyard, and virtually anywhere baby will go.

Cordless/ portable/ in your diaper bag

Small enough for your baby bag, we’ve designed Totokan to be 100% portable with over 4 hours of battery life. 

Water and Dust Resistant

Designed to be tough and rugged, Totokan is IP65 rated and are ideal for use in harsh, wet and dusty environments. 

Talk back, Motion and Crying  Push Notifications

Motion and Crying Detection push notifications. Totokan automatically alerts parents to any movement or noise with push notifications (coming soon).
  • Built-in microphone and speaker.
  • Talk back to your children whenever and wherever you want.
  • Night Vision.
  • Automatically activates in low-light or dark environments.