Totokan Features

  • Live stream to your smart device in HD and check in from anywhere when the monitor is synced to your home router.
  • Apps available for both Android and iOS apps available.
  • Portable! Unplug and move anywhere around the house with more than 4 hours of battery life when unplugged. Say your kids are in the playroom, or baby is napping in the living room, move the monitor unit anywhere you need an extra pair of eyes. 
  • Motion sensors and alerts on your phone. 
  • HD Pictures and Videos are taken straight from the feed and saved to your phone's albums. 
  • Water Resistant: Monitor your kids in the yard. Our casing is made to be rugged and durable, we’re not afraid of a little rough play. 
  • Free cloud storage, take as many pictures and videos as you want. No Monthly Fees. 
  • Enterprise level security encryption when synced to your home wifi network. Check on baby and talk back from anywhere via your smartphone. 
  • No Wifi, No Problem. (Option to sync locally with no WiFi when on-the-go) Use it camping, on vacation or at a friend’s house by syncing to the monitor locally within 50 yards. 
  • Universal Tripod Screw at the bottom of the monitor allows you to buy any camera mount out there, no need to buy specific brand accessories.  
  • Micro USB. Need a charge quick? We’ve designed Totokan to have a micro USB port, you can quickly find an adapter on the go!


Totokan meets the US safety standard ASTM F2951, as well as FCC approval. Our lithium batteries are also 3 times the cost of an average battery, importing Japanese manufactured batteries for added safety.