At Totokan, we work hard to provide you with cutting-edge technology.

Determined to design a monitor that allows parents to worry less and spend more time enjoying family life, we have set out to design the ultimate monitor, enter Totokan.

Coupling FCC approved spectrum with the newest technology around, Totokan Inc is creating a non-wearable monitor with the ability to detect heart rate and breathing- no extra wearable(s) or accessories needed.

The World’s First Breathing and Heart Rate Monitor without a Wearable

A traditional baby monitor + extra peace of mind. No battery, no Bluetooth, nothing touches your baby.

Totokan will be able to detect your child’s breathing and heart rate using wireless technology that is approved by the FCC and only 1% the output of Bluetooth, and when your attention is needed the app will send notifications to your smart device.

TOTOKAN will be providing full HD video of your baby that you will be able to access anytime, anywhere.