Totokan OXii™

Introducing the Totokan OXii™ Wellness Monitor

The World’s First Breathing and Heart Rate Monitor…Without a Wearable

A traditional baby monitor + extra peace of mind. No battery, no Bluetooth, nothing touches your baby.  Totokan OXii™ can detect your child’s breathing and heart rate with wireless technology that is approved by the FCC and only 1% the output of Bluetooth.  Get notifications to your smart device when your attention is needed.


Is this technology safe?

Yes, the radio waves used by Totokan OXii™ are 1/100ths that of Bluetooth.

How will we get notifications?

We are launching both standard WiFi and a WiFi/4G monitors. Simply provide your information and we’ll send the notifications directly to your iOS devices to check up on your baby (Android available soon).

What ages are appropriate for this monitor?

Totokan OXii™ is intended for babies age 0 to 2. However, we plan to roll out algorithms for children and adults soon.
we have plans to include future options to accommodate older children and adults as well.

When and where can I buy it?

We are currently working with domestic and international retailers to offer Totokan OXii™ in Q4: 2016.

Can Totokan OXii provide body temperature-related notifications?

Not yet.

Does this technology work when my baby moves?

Our monitor will register movement and will only re-engage once your baby is sound asleep.

Can I turn off the Noise / Movement / Breathing / Heart Rate features and notifications?

Yes, in Settings you can decide to turn these features off.

What’s the range of the monitor from my baby?

Totokan OXii™ works from 3 to 6 feet away from your baby.

OXii™ Standard Baby Monitor Features

We provide a 1080p 30fps video of your baby that you can access anytime, anywhere. 

  • Remote viewing 
  • WIFI/4G (optional)
  • Biometric (Heart Rate/Breathing)
  • Noise & Motion Detection
  • Position Notification*
  • Microphone/Push-To-Talk
  • Night-Time Viewing
  • Cloud Storage (Dropbox)

*Position Notification feature available Q1:2017

Is this a medical device?

No. This is intended to be a wellness device. It is not intended to diagnose, prevent or address any underlying medical conditions.

Will my doctor/healthcare professional have access to my baby or loved one’s health data? Will there by HIPAA compliant storage?

Not yet.

Is my baby’s data safe and secure?

Absolutely. We are using WEP 256 or enterprise level security.

Will this be available on iOS and Android?

We are offering the breathing/heart rate notifications on iOS devices at this time and plan to add Android features soon.

For press or investor inquiries as Totokan pushes into the Internet Of People (IOP), please send an email to  

Ready to ship June 2017

Key Features
Heart Rate
Position Notification (Available Q1 2017)
Talk back
Remote viewing
Noise & Motion Detection
Cloud Storage (Dropbox)
Night-Time Viewing
Video recording
Full HD 1080p
Image Sensor: 2MP
Resolution: 1080p / 720p / VGA
Digital Zoom: 6x
Field of View (horizontal): 120 diagonal
Video Compression: H.264
Recording File Format: MP4 / Video JPG / Photos
WIFI/4G (optional)
WiFi HotSpot Range: Indoor / up to 20 yards, 60 feet Outdoor up to 100 yards, 300 feet
Battery Life Unplugged: Over 4 hours
Mobile App: iOS + Android
Universal Tripod
Adjustable streaming quality