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TOTOKAN  is a portable and water-resistant baby monitor with over 4 hours of battery life fully charged.

What parents using TOTOKAN say:

"Parents need to monitor their children in more than just the nursery. At a play date’s house my baby naps in one room while my older kid plays in the backyard with his friends, Totokan gives me the flexibility to monitor either of them, right at my fingertips," said Alexandra W. mother of two.

"This is perfect for camping or vacations where I need to be a responsible parent at night, but I also really need a drink on the balcony, haha!" JJ Brownlee

  • No WiFi? No problem! The "Out & About" feature in the app allows you the option to sync locally with an active range of 60 yards/meters! 
  • No plug? Still no problem! TOTOKAN has more than 4 hours of battery life when unplugged.
  • TOTOKAN is portable and wireless. Pick it up, toss it in your bag and take it everywhere with
  • Never miss a moment. Indoors or outdoors, TOTOKAN is a baby monitor that allows you to keep an eye on your little ones, anytime and anywhere.
  • Bring it to the beach or by the pool side. TOTOKAN's thick casing and durable rubber coating make it water resistant. Waterplay is fun and safe when TOTOKAN is with you.
  • The free TOTOKAN app is available for Android and iOS. Livestream your child DIRECTLY to your smart devices in HD or save it to your phone’s album or your DropBox account for FREE.
  • Record videos and take pictures. Totokan streams hi-res video directly to your smartphone or tablet.
  • See everything and talk to your baby - the free, the user-friendly app can track up to 4 TOTOKANs in the same time. A talk-back feature included. 

  • Live stream to your smart device in HD and check in from anywhere when the monitor is synced to your home router.
  • Apps available for both Android and iOS apps available.
  • Portable! Unplug and move anywhere around the house with more than 4 hours of battery life when unplugged. Say your kids are in the playroom, or baby is napping in the living room, move the monitor unit anywhere you need an extra pair of eyes. 
  • Motion and Sound sensors and alerts on your phone. 
  • HD Pictures and Videos are taken straight from the feed and saved to your phone's albums. 
  • Water Resistant: Monitor your kids in the yard. Our casing is made to be rugged and durable, we’re not afraid of a little rough play. 
  • Free cloud storage, take as many pictures and videos as you want and sync it to your DropBox account. No Monthly Fees. 
  • Enterprise level security encryption when synced to your home wifi network. Check on baby and talk back from anywhere via your smartphone. 
  • No Wifi, No Problem. (Option to sync locally with no WiFi when on-the-go) Use it camping, on vacation or at a friend’s house by syncing to the monitor locally within 50 yards. 
  • Universal Tripod Screw at the bottom of the monitor allows you to buy any camera mount out there, no need to buy specific brand accessories.  
  • Micro USB. Need a charge quick? We’ve designed Totokan to have a micro USB port, you can quickly find an adapter on the go!

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